We are often asked, "I want to add place as an analytical tool, but how do I start?" and "Can I start with a modest budget?"

In short the answer is let us help, and yes. We created a number of "Quick Start Packages" to get your data on the map quickly, with territories of your choice like County, Crop Reporting Districts, Legislative Districts, and may others. We return value added data and PDF maps you can review and share. All you have to do it get us what you want to map in a table template. 



We put your data on the map, symbolized by location and an attribute of your choice. Points are further summarized by count per geography unit and summed based on one custom attribute such as sales. We return your geo-enabled data and a PDF map with your logo for each geography unit.  You can choose three geographies from a variety of options such as state, county, zip code, census, legislative, and even watersheds. We are happy to talk through options with you.



Includes "Dots on the Map" package, 2 additional geographies, and add up to 10 additional attributes of interest (Sales Totals, By Product, etc.) Customize your map layouts with corporate colors, logos, text, etc.



Includes "Custom Package" and a one day onsite review and planning session to discuss internal data quality, application, gaps, and more.



Taking the "Planning Package" one step further, the Strategic Package devotes an entire week towards getting your data on the map, customizing it for your organization, and taking steps towards strategic use of place based solutions for building your business and a deeper understanding of your customers.


ESRI ArcGIS Online Organizational Package

Designed as a quick and powerful enterprise mapping solution, ArcGIS Online by ESRI can provide a private, cloud based mapping system for mapping, visualization, and analysis. Includes one year for 5 users, transfer of all custom layers from other quick start packages, organizational setup, and a day of custom map setup. Custom mapping, analysis, and ongoing support by quotation.


Business Intelligence & Mapping Package

Your own place based Microsoft PowerBI Package (may be combined with ArcGIS Online Package) connects your spatial data from other quick start packages to a powerful BI tool. Includes set-up of mapping dashboard and key visualizations. Includes set up and one day on site review, customization, and setup. Custom mapping, analysis, and ongoing support by quotation.